Surgery Museum

The chronology

Year Incident
1867 Formation of the company by Gottfried Jetter
1887 The two brothers Karl Christian and Wilhelm Scheerer become equal partners 
1889 Snake staff with crown is registered as trademark
1893 Formation of subsidiaries in New York, London, Paris, Constantinople,
Buenos Aires and Tokyo follows shortly
1895 Transformation of the company into a corporation
1899 Registration of the brand name AESCULAP, construction of a new plant
1915-1923 Generous extension of the manufacturing plants
1925-1929 Rapid growth, export share achieved the maximum of 73 %
1930-1946 Difficult times due to world economic crisis, wartime economy and occupation
1950-1960 Struggle for economic survival
1966 Lowest level of number of people employed at AESCULAP
1967-1971 Economic recovery, new products, increase of capital stock
1976 B. Braun AG acquires a majority shareholding
1977-1990 Formation of subsidiaries in different countries
1988 Renaming the company in AESCULAP AG
1995 Opening of the AESCULAPIUM
1998 Incorporation of Aesculap into the B. Braun company as the AESCULAP Division
2001 Opening of the Benchmark Factory
2007 AESCULAP's turnover exceeded Euro 1 Billion for the first time
2008 Extension of the Benchmark Factory, new building of the Logistic Centre
2014 Opening of the multipurpose factory building
2015 Opening of the Innovation Factory
2017 Opening of the event staff restaurant after reconstruction of the old forge and 150th anniversary of Aesculap
The Museum from Aesculap
Surgery Museum Asclepius
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