The B. Braun Group will change its procurement processes in Germany starting February 2019. All our transactions for indirect goods and services will be performed on the Ariba Network.

Please find further information and details on the system migration below to enable a smooth transition to the new system.

Account details

Account Details

The Standard (Light) Account is a free account on the Ariba Network that allows the user to process orders with his/ her business partner via interactive e-mail. That means that suppliers can access the Ariba Network through this interactive e-mail, allowing them to directly send order confirmations in an uncomplicated way.

With a Standard (Light) Account, suppliers can use Ariba free of charge regardless of the transaction volume. The order will be sent via interactive e-mail.  

The Enterprise (Full) Account will remain free of charge as long as either of these two requirements are met: The annual transaction volume must be either below 43,250 EUR (50,000 USD) and/ or the number of total documents p.a. must be below 5. The calculation of these limits is based on the total number of documents and the annual transaction volume across all business relationships. For example: The subscription fee of 45 EUR (50 USD) includes an annual transaction fee of 216,250 EUR (250,000 USD) (excl. taxes) or a maximum of 24 documents per year. Additionally, a transaction fee will be charged, consisting of 0.155% of the annual transaction volume. A detailed overview of the fees and costs can be found here.

Orders and invoices are considered documents, whereas order and shipment confirmations are not considered into the total count of documents.

No. As soon as a supplier becomes chargeable, the transaction fee will be calculated based on the fee rate of 0.155% and the annual transaction volume. 

No. The boundaries apply across all business relationships a supplier might have.

No. You will be allocated into one subscription that applies to all business relationships you have on Ariba.

More information on this topic can be found on the SAP-Ariba website.

You will be downgraded to the according subscription in the following year (on the exact day your account became chargeable).

A Standard (Light) Account is recommended for suppliers who have a total document count of less than 75 across all business relationships per year. For a document count of more than 75, an Enterprise (Full) Account is recommended.

In case you have not provided B. Braun with an e-catalog yet, please approach your responsible contact person at B. Braun. Please take note that you need an Enterprise (Full) Account in order to load catalogs. 

Standard (Light) Account: Full integration is not possible in this case.

Enterprise (Full) Account: Full integration is available starting at the “silver” subscription. With full integration, you can process all orders through your own system.

You can register for an Enterprise (Full) Account at any point in time. 

  •  If you do not have an account yet, register here. After registration, you can choose to upgrade to an Enterprise (Full) Account. 
  •  If you already have an account on the Ariba Network, then log into your account and follow the displayed steps.

After upgrading your account, you will receive a unique number – the Ariba Network Identification (ANID).  Please send this ID number to the following e-mail address:  ARIBA@bbraun.com. After successfully connecting with your company on Ariba, B. Braun will be displayed under “Company Settings”/“Customer relationships”.   

In order to exchange documents via the Ariba Network, it is necessary to link with the B. Braun Group on the Ariba Network.

As a Standard (Light) Account user, you will be integrated via an interactive e-mail, which you will receive with the first order.

Enterprise (Full) Account users can contact SAP Ariba Support directly. Detailed information can be found in the “Trading Relationship Request” (TRR).

In case you already have an account on the Ariba Network, you can just simply add the B. Braun Group as an additional client. 

Standard (Light) Account users will receive orders to one individual e-mail address. It is not possible to send the order notifications to several e-mail addresses. 

Enterprise (Full) Account users can determine to which e-mail address/addresses the order notifications will be sent.

Standard (Light) Account users do not have this customization option. 

Enterprise (Full) Account users can designate roles with different rights to various employees. 

Creating profiles is useful to designate different roles to employees. This way you can make sure that rights to access certain information such as sensible client data are limited to certain roles.

Standard (Light) Account users are not provided with this functionality.

Enterprise (Full) Account users only need to register once on the Ariba Network. After registration, you can create sub-entities that can receive predefined orders individually. 

During registration, every business partner enters their own data into the Ariba Network.

The B. Braun Group has access to the Ariba system, which mainly runs on servers in Europe. The minimum duration of data storage is determined by the German legislature and follows the prescribed length for order, invoice and personal data, which can be looked up here.

Standard (Light) Account users, please contact ARIBA@bbraun.com – and not your responsible contact person in procurement.

Enterprise (Full) Account users can contact SAP Ariba directly via phone. For further information on this, please view your "Trading Relationship Request" (TRR).

Supplier account may be eligible for a downgrade if the following criteria are met:

  • You must not have any outstanding supplier fees.
  • Your Order Routing Method must be Email and you cannot have any integration configured (cXML, EDI, Punch-Out, CIG).
  • Supply Chain Collaboration (SCC) must not be enabled. SCC must be disabled for SCC relationships by respective buyers.
  • Payment method must not be AribaPay (check this by clicking the Enablement Tasks tab. If you do not see AribaPay as a category for any customers, you do not have AribaPay enabled).
  • You should not have any created Reports. You will lose access to any created reports.
  • You should not have any pending Enablement Tasks related to catalogs/AribaPay/SCF.
  • You should not have Invoice Archiving configured or you will lose access to the archive.

If all the above listed criteria are met, please contact SAP Ariba Customer Support. Additional verification with the account administrator will need to be performed over the phone. Once completed, we will forward your request for further review to perform the requested downgrade to your Enterprise Account to a Standard Account.

Information for catalog suppliers

Information for catalog suppliers

In order to provide catalogs, you will need an Enterprise (Full) Account – even if your annual document volume is below 5 documents and / or your annual transaction volume is below 43,250 EUR (50,000 USD). Since the above-mentioned boundaries for a chargeable account are not crossed, the Full Account will be free of charge. The account will become chargeable once either more than 5 documents have been exchanged and / or an annual transaction volume of 43,250 EUR (50,000 USD) has been exceeded.

Catalogs can be provided in the following formats: BMECat, Excel and CIF (Ariba specific format).

The B. Braun Group uses eClass Version 10.0.1 and UNSPSC Version 20 for product classification.

Purchase Order

Purchase Order

Standard (Light) Account users can send order confirmations via the received interactive e-mail. 

Enterprise (Full) Account users can send confirmations directly via the Ariba Network. The order will be automatically converted into an order confirmation.

Standard (Light) Account users will receive orders to one individual e-mail address. It is not possible to send order notifications to several e-mail addresses.

Enterprise (Full) Account users can determine to which e-mail address/addresses order notifications will be sent. 

Standard (Light) Account as well as Enterprise (Full) Account users are able to modify certain information, such as quantity and price. After modification, the order needs to be validated by procurement at B. Braun. In case of extensive changes, please contact your responsible contact person in procurement at B. Braun.

Couldn’t find answers to your questions? Contact us at ARIBA@bbraun.com