Shaping the future of vascular stenting – REVA Medical and B. Braun form new partnership

B. Braun and REVA Medical hereby announce the strategic partnership for the distribution of Fantom® Encore - a bioresorbable scaffold for coronary interventions, manufactured with REVA's patented material Tyrocore. B. Braun will start active distribution of the products in Germany and Switzerland in November 2021, with additional countries to follow soon.

The strategic partnership expresses conviction and confidence in the long-term success of bioresorbable scaffolds based on valid clinical evidence. Together with clinical experts in the field and the clinical research organization MAXIS Medical, further generation of evidence within the ongoing post market clinical trial is ensured. This collaboration thereby continues to support the create evidence for claims approach.

Therapies for patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention currently include either the implantation of a permanent metal-based drug-eluting stent or the usage of a drug-coated balloon. A permanently implanted metal stent restricts the natural movement and function of the artery and impends further interventions. A solution to this might be bioresorbable scaffolds that disappear from the vessel, leaving a fully restored artery. The benefits clearly lie within a reduction of complex secondary cardiac procedures, preserving all future treatment options and the opportunity for vessel recovery and improved health requiring fewer procedures in a lifetime.

“B. Braun’s mission to restore and protect the health of patients around the world overlap and complement REVA’s ambition. This reflects a great fit for our strategic orientation to be part of a constructive dialog to develop future-oriented solutions in close cooperation with our customers”, says Thilo Rubart, Senior Vice President Vascular Systems, B. Braun.

“REVA Medical's 3rd generation Fantom® Encore bioresorbable coronary scaffold combines several technological advancements in both material and design, which overcomes many issues observed with other bioresorbable scaffold systems. REVA’s FANTOM II pivotal clinical trial has evaluated patient outcomes through 5 years of clinical follow-up and complete resorption of the scaffold. The results have demonstrated exceptional long term clinical outcomes as compared to current state-of-the-art drug eluting stents”, says Jeffrey Anderson, President and Chief Executive Officer of REVA Medical.

“For B. Braun the Fantom® Encore bioresorbable scaffold perfectly fits into our philosophy to leave nothing behind. Whenever a stent is inevitable, despite the great clinical success of drug-coated balloons, the bioresorbable scaffold now provides a reliable and sustainable solution, especially for those patients who require temporary physical support of the vessel”, adds Jochen Becker, Senior Vice President Global Sales & Marketing Vascular Systems, B. Braun.

More information about the product can be found by following the link below:
Fantom® Encore (

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