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Real value is the investment in people and teams.
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Season #2 (2019)


RenalTracker provides you the tools to track your foods, kidney-safe recipes and pairs you with a health professional to help you manage kidney disease.


UPCUE helps your team to perform successful sales conversations.


Real-time visibility on your supply chain


doks. believes in challenging the status quo of data analysis for intra and inter logistics processes and doing this differently.


Motion-Mining® offers your company the possibility of automated analysis related to your manual processes.


New upselling opportunities through customer involvement.


craftworks develops powerful, customized software and artificial intelligence solutions supporting the digital transformation of companies using the power of data.


Simplify employee training and user onboarding with step by step interactive walkthroughs.


We develop chatbots for your recruitment.


Together with their partners they create innovative products, user-oriented and just as people expect them to be in a digital age.

Season #1 (2018)

admetsys Advanced Metabolic Systems

Artificial pancreas for hospital and surgical care

Bluedrop Medical

Reducing the Burden of Diabetic Foot Disease

Recare Solutions

Discharge Management Platform

Boca Health 

Body composition analysis