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About B. Braun 4Diversity

At B. Braun we strengthen an appreciative, inclusive and equal working environment for all employees based on their individual and collective diversity.

This is the basis for us to be able to protect and improve the health of people around the world.​

Our Core Dimensions

At B. Braun we strengthen an appreciative, inclusive and equal working environment for all employees based on their individual and collective diversity.

This is the basis for us to be able to protect and improve the health of people around the world.​

Our Core Dimensions 4Diversity

We support equal opportunities for all gender identities. We embrace a working environment of openness and respect towards both, employees and customers, independent of their sexual orientation. Heterosexual and people from the LGBTQIA* community can proudly unfold their identity without being judged, discriminated or disadvantaged.​

We encourage everyone to raise awareness on oftentimes unconscious stereotypes and to express gender identity through clothing, behavior and personal appearance. ​We trust that this awareness is the basis for an inclusive and more productive working environment, opening doors to new talents, insights and customer groups.​

*Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Queer, Intersex, Asexual​

Cross-Generation Intelligence refers to the ability to work effectively in a multi-generational workforce. We value the benefits of mixed-aged teams to constructively challenge different mindsets, professional experiences and expertise to continuously set new standards, drive change and strive for new, innovative solutions within our working culture. We ensure the provision of an open, respectful working environment, in which everyone can equally contribute and share their thoughts, develop one's personality and professional expertise, paired with training offers and personal development plans.​

Based on these multi-perspective views and input of all generations, independent of age, new theoretical/practical insights as well as long years of professional experiences, we contribute to the company's success and its advancing in different markets on a global scale.​

We are proud to be a multinational company, operating across borders on a global scale, embracing employees and serving customers of different cultural and social origins. We strongly believe that fostering the multiculturality of our workforce is key to success, as it strengthens customer-tailored performance, attractiveness as an employer, our success rate and time-to-market. Our workforce’s language competence, cultural and social backgrounds and respect towards one’s religion and worldview are important key elements for collaborating successfully in interdisciplinary teams. We live and drive an inclusive organizational culture with a mutual understanding of differences and similarities.​

We value and appreciate skills and abilities of all employees, including those with physical or mental restrictions. We advocate a barrier free and unprejudiced working environment to also grant equal opportunities to everyone. Our belief is that the inclusion of every person, regardless of restrictions or disabilities, is a pre-requisite for fairness, equality and a sustainable working environment. An environment that benefits not only B. Braun but society at large.

Our Activities

International Women's Day 2020

March, 2020. Feminism advocates social, political, economic and intellectual equality for all genders. Therefore, we should all be feminists to support global equality. The #IWD2020 #InternationalWomensDay offers a great opportunity to stand up and advocate for the topic. At B. Braun we protect and improve the health of people around the world and we are sure, that this only can be achieved if we acknowledge, enhance and embrace the diversity of our workforce.

Diversity Month 2020

May, 2020. During the European Diversity month in May and the World Day for Cultural Diversity on 21 May we motivate our teams to experience diversity through sharing of recipes of their typical dishes. You are invited to share also your recipe and discover all the recipes shared on Social Media with the #tasteofdiversity. 

Against Racism

June, 2020. Our value is neither defined by (our) outer appearance, nor third parties. All of us deserve the same respect, tolerance and value as one global family. Learn more about the values we promote as a company #weareteambb #4Diversity #againstracism

Stop Hate for Profit

July, 2020. B. Braun supports the #StopHateforProfit campaign and stops promoting on Facebook and Instagram for the time being. This will mean that you might not see B. Braun content anymore due to the Facebook algorithm. So please check our Facebook profile more often or use another network like LinkedIn to connect with us. Diversity is important to us, which is why #wearesupporters. 

Diversity Advent Calendar

December 2020.The Diversity Advent Calender makes diversity a personal experience for our colleagues at B. Braun. Behind each window you will find inspiring and personal insights into the diverse world of B. Braun. Whether it's facts about diversity or hands-on activities, the Diversity Advent Calender has got surprises in store for you every day! The calendar was created by the Employee Resource Group 4Diversity in cooperation with the University of Jena and is comprised of a broad network within the company #welivediversity #4Diversity

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