Hello, nice to see you here!

We are convinced that you are an important part of our future. Hopefully, we're also a part of yours! At B. Braun, we protect and improve the health of people worldwide. That is our shared vision. 

We manufacture 95 percent of our products ourselves; this has a direct influence on local, regional, national and global healthcare markets. You see complex tasks and challenges as opportunities, drive innovations independently and are not afraid of change in a dynamic market. That’s why we want to produce medical technology that is the first choice of specialists and patients with you. We provide a working environment where trust, transparency and appreciation form the basis for cooperation. This is our joint contribution to today's health care. That's Sharing Expertise.



We back up your time and talent

Talents like you need time and space to unfold their full potentials. Our goal as organization is to provide you with the right conditions to fully focus on your professional challenges.

Below some of your future co-workers state what is most important for them regarding B. Braun.


Shanti's time
for living a nice work environment

"B. Braun is absolutely people-centric with its prime focus always on our human capital in every department. Together, we work as a team with strong values and principles to make B. Braun a great company. An important theme, which keep us associates working at B. Braun, is the working environment, learning culture and cooperation from the senior employees. We enjoy multiples  benefits, like bus service at no charge, subsidized meal plans, paid vacations, and other activities related to environmental sustainability. They all make us feel that B. Braun cares for employees. "

Shanti Devi, Associate Packing, Ahlcon Plant, India

Krityna's time
to balance work and family life

“Working at B. Braun gives me a positive and enjoyable working environment with excellent colleagues.”

Krityna Kopecka, Nurse, Czech Republic

Alessandro's time
for personal development

"I am a very active and curious person who loves to achieve goals and discover new things in every part of my life! At B. Braun, I had the chance to challenge myself by starting at an administrative position—which I loved—but it didn’t fit me 100%. I decided to go back to university to explore new possibilities so that I could reach the position of sales representative. My managers trusted me, and B. Braun gave me the opportunity to begin this new role!"

Alessandro Pellegrino, National Sales Manager OPM, Italy 

To sum it up

Ask yourself: Is it your time to start new? We want you to be part of our journey. Of B. Braun's journey. Started as a pharmacy 180 years ago we have come a long way. We understand that we need a strong team of dedicated employees to protect and improve the health of people worldwide. That is why we create time, space and opportunities to really care since 1839. And we would be more than happy to do the same for you.