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B. Braun Avitum AG acquired 51% of DIALY SER S.A.S., Colombia

With this agreement B. Braun Avitum expands its present network.

B. Braun Avitum AG, a subsidiary of the German Group B. Braun, manufacturer and supplier of health and pharmaceutical products for the last 175 years, as well as of hemodialysis services, acquired a majority holding of the company DIALY SER S.A.S. in Colombia in February 2014. This enterprise is specialized in treatment of renal diseases at a national level.

With this agreement B. Braun Avitum expands its present network of more than 250 dialysis centers already existing in Europe, Asia and Africa and extends its care services, covering until now about 19,000 patients. Becoming part of the family company of German origin, DIALY SER will have available all experience and knowledge of that multinational company, as well as high quality products manufactured by B. Braun. This will also allow DIALY SER to keep improving the medical assistance offered to renal patients in Colombia.

The B. Braun Management states that they are very satisfied with this new association and confirms that the DIALY SER activities will be fully supported from headquarters. These activities will continue with the same strategy created by the Muñoz family, the company founders, clearly focused on the development and creation of added value for their patients and offering professional growth opportunities to their employees.

At present B. Braun, with 50,000 employees, is one of the worldwide suppliers best considered by the health professionals. The B. Braun Group has been present in Colombia since 1963 and has a staff of 250 employees in that country, 50% of which are devoted to commercialize products of all commercial divisions. The other 50% is employed in the surgical sutures manufacturing plant.

DIALY SER was founded in 2008 in Colombia to offer an alternative for treatment to renal patients. At present DIALY SER operates 6 dialysis centers in the main Colombian cities: Bogotá, Medellín, Bello, Pereira, Armenia and Popayán. Additionally, also monthly visits to the San Andrés Island are being done to offer peritoneal dialysis care to patients there. They also plan to open another two centers in Cúcuta and Cali. An integral service is offered, including programs on nephrology prevention and consultation as well as of acute and chronic renal therapy. DIALY SER offers assistance to more than 1,100 patients yearly, of which 850 receive hemodialysis treatment and 250 peritoneal dialysis. About 125,000 sessions are performed yearly.

DIALY SER has a quality policy as a guideline for all its care activities addressed to all its patients and relatives, allowing them to go beyond the general standards determined in Colombia for this field, and in all aspects. DIALY SER has been using the B. Braun products over the last few years to offer high quality treatments. Besides, qualified professionals care for the patients to make them feel comfortable and safe. On the other hand, the enterprise offers modern premises that are very well adapted to the users’ needs.

For more information on B. Braun please visit www.bbraun.com

For more information on DIALY SER please visit www.dialy-ser.com.