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Coroflex® ISAR received CE mark

Advantages: flexibility and long term patient safety

Berlin. The new drug-eluting stent Coroflex®  ISAR received CE mark on February, 7th, 2014.

The product was developed in cooperation with the German Heart Center in Munich for the treatment of stenoses in coronary arteries.  Coroflex® ISAR  is a Sirolimus-eluting stent of the newest generation. Advantages of the proprietary matrix coating are combined with long term patient safety. The polymer-free coating combines high efficacy for prevention of restenosis with a fast healing process of the implant in the artery.  According to clinical results from the ISAR-TEST 5 trial there was no definitive late thrombotic event with this matrix coating.

Coroflex®  ISAR complements the range of innovative products from Vascular Systems Berlin for "polymer-free angioplasty".