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B. Braun is extending its product portfolio in the area of acidic concentrate preparation for dialysis therapy

B. Braun Avitum AG is cooperating with INTERMEDT Medizin & Technik GmbH in Ostrhauderfehn, Germany, to improve the treatment of dialysis patients with innovative products.

Melsungen, Germany. ECOMix is a fully automatic production system developed by INTERMEDT. It allows renal care centers to independently prepare the acidic concentrate required for hemodialysis – simply, flexibly and in an environmentally friendly way. B. Braun Avitum AG now has the exclusive world-wide sales rights for this system.

Patients with chronic kidney failure typically must undergo dialysis treatment three times per week because urine production and the components of urine – water and waste products – collect in the body. Without this treatment, which removes these elements from the body, uremia can develop. In hemodialysis, the patient's blood is cleansed of these waste products and of excess water through the use of a special filter (dialyzer). The dialyzer facilitates the targeted removal of water and waste products through interaction with the components of fresh dialysis fluid that is produced from acidic dialysis concentrate.

Until now it was necessary to bring this dialysis fluid to the renal care center typically with elaborate logistical processes. With the ECOMix system, INTERMEDT founder Christoph Dumschat provides renal care centers with the necessary technology for in-house production of dry concentrate, so that physicians and medical personnel can focus all their attention on the care of their patients. The system has proven itself in daily use in many countries and is a well-established part of the treatment routine in more than 150 German renal care centers.

With this cooperation, B. Braun Avitum AG is extending its product portfolio so as to provide customers with the best possible tools for process-optimized dialysis therapy. "Our highest goal is to improve the quality of life of our patients," emphasizes Dr. Rainer Hector, Product Manager for concentrates and solutions in hemodialysis therapy at B. Braun Avitum AG. "With this cooperation we are able to automate the process of preparing concentrate and give users much more time for conducting dialysis therapy – while at the same time protecting the environment!"

Joerg Pingel, Head of Global Marketing for hemodialysis concentrates, disposables and solutions at B. Braun Avitum AG, commented: "With our guiding principle of 'Sharing Expertise', we promise to share our knowledge in the field of medical technology with customers, partners and colleagues. A broad range of ideas, effective knowledge transfer and our sense for important trends in the field are the basis for continual improvement and extension of our services in the healthcare market."

Information about INTERMEDT is available at www.intermedt.de