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B. Braun Launches Easypump® Home Infusion Therapy App For Healthcare Professionals and Patients

Clinicians and patients using B. Braun Medical Inc.’s Easypump® ST/LT Elastomeric Infusion Pump System have a new tool to help them safely administer medication. B. Braun is introducing an innovative app that offers educational content to clinicians and patients on the safe use and features of the Easypump for short- and long-term home infusion therapy.

An aging population, a rise in chronic conditions, and a focus on reducing healthcare costs are contributing to a forecasted increase in home infusion in the coming years. For customers and partners who provide home infusion, B. Braun is committed to sharing knowledge through tools like the Easypump app.

“B. Braun designed this app as a resource to help infusion therapy nurses teach patients how to safely administer the Easypump in the comfort of their own homes,” said Mike Connelly, Director of Marketing, Elastomeric Infusion Systems at B. Braun. “Home infusion is a cost-effective and convenient alternative for many patients who otherwise would have a complicated electronic pump to manage or a need to travel to an inpatient or outpatient facility.”

Infusion therapy allows medication to be delivered from a reservoir, such as the Easypump ST/LT, through a venous access device directly into the bloodstream. For certain conditions, receiving medication directly into the bloodstream is more effective than taking medication orally. The most common type of medication administered by infusion therapy is antibiotics.

The Easypump app, for Apple and Android devices, offers simple menus and navigation, giving infusion therapy nurses a table-top tool for teaching patients how to properly use and manage the small, light-weight pump. The app includes facts about the infusion therapy process and easy-to-understand graphics and videos that explain the Easypump ST (for infusions ranging from 30 minutes to 4 hours) and Easypump LT (which can infuse for one to three days). The app allows infusion nurses to reinforce the safe and proper use of Easypump.

About Easypump ST/LT

B. Braun’s Easypump ST/LT is a disposable, easily transportable pump with elastic properties that allow it to stretch when filled and contract as it empties. The elastomeric membrane uses positive pressure to infuse a prescribed amount of medication or solution in a steady, controlled flow. Easypump ST/LT features a patented “Sliding Core” technology designed for consistent, concentric balloon contraction.

The pump’s clear silicone elastomeric material allows clinicians to inspect for particulates after filling. It is not made with natural rubber latex, minimizing concerns about allergies and discoloration, and its single-use system is designed for clean and easy handling.