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werk_39 wins design award

The innovation laboratory "werk_39," together with the chilli mind design agency was recognized with the "iF gold award" at this year's iF DESIGN AWARD in the category of Service Design. An international, independent and top-class jury of experts attested to the exceptional design achievements of the werk_39 team for its premises at the location on Rote Straße in Tuttlingen.

The architectural concept of werk_39 was awarded for the customer-centered "Co-Creation Process." The jury called the entry an "exceptional example of a service design concept." "This was designed from the inside out – and always with the users in mind, who were integrated in the process at the same time," said the jury in its statement.   

Sören Jens Lauinger and chilli mind-company founder Oliver Gerstheimer are excited about their award-winning collaboration.

Sören Lauinger, manager of werk_39, is also convinced by the approach and describes this concept as a cornerstone of the philosophy of the innovation laboratory: "werk_39 stands for customer focus and agile methods. Both were central to us in the spatial conception," Lauinger said. According to him, the interior design has a significant influence on people. "There are increased benefits beyond the product." It has less to do with the furnishings themselves than with their benefits for employees – for their innovative capabilities and entrepreneurial spirit. And ultimately for the customer, as well.

Lauinger sees the freedom to implement this concept within B. Braun and Aesculap as "an enormous privilege." The opportunity was used to advance the overall innovative capacity. Sören Lauinger is certain of one thing: "Innovation doesn't happen just by talking about it!"

In collaborating with chilli mind, the team was able to rely on the experiences of company founder Oliver Gerstheimer, who has already supported many "innovation labs" in other fields. "Together with chilli mind, we designed specifically from the very start how customers or colleagues will experience their visit with us," said Lauinger. Many things that are experienced as completely natural in werk_39 today  were first implemented digitally. This includes, among other things, vices from Aesculap's traditional production, a historical workbench or a wall clock made from medical instruments.

"The premises of werk_39 demonstrate that we interact eye to eye with customers, colleagues and partners. This also reflects B. Braun's corporate principle of SHARING EXPERTISE," Lauinger said.