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Warning against Attempted Fraud when Selling B. Braun Disposable Gloves

There have been new cases of people abusing the supply shortages associated with the coronavirus situation by using fake B. Braun business documents for the distribution of disposable gloves, in particular Vasco Guard.

Customers and business partners from several countries, including Italy, Austria, and the Netherlands, have increasingly contacted us to verify the authenticity of offers, products offered, and business documents. Obviously, fraudsters are at work giving fake offers of Vasco Guard disposable gloves to our customers. Counterfeit products and business documents with the forged signatures of B. Braun employees have also surfaced.

If suspicion exists, we advise our customers to contact B. Braun directly via our official channels (compliance@bbraun.com) in order to protect themselves against such fraud attempts and to ensure the delivery of safe and high-quality B. Braun products.