Ole, A life story Annual Report 2015

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What we stand for 

We protect and improve human health all over the world, guided by our values: innovation, efficiency and sustainability.

Through a constructive dialogue with our partners and users, we develop effective solutions and trendsetting standards for the healthcare industry.

We work every day with physicians, nurses and hospital administrators with one clear goal: We are working to improve lives.

After all, health as well as high-quality health care mean a high quality of life. For millions of patients in hospitals, medical practices and nursing facilities, for billions of people worldwide, in their personal environments and everyday routines.

For each and every one of us.

That is why, in this annual report, we tell the story ofthe life of Ole, a story that illustrates how we work with our partners to protect and improve people's health and lives.

First name: Ole | Age: 41 | Family status: Married, two children | Profession: Journalist | Place of residence: Munich | Hobbies: Travel, skiing, hiking, photography | Outlook: Optimistic


If someone asks me what I do, I always stammer a bit. I do … a lot of very different things. I’m a journalist and an author, an event manager for a TV station and, in the winter, I organize ski camps. Sound hectic? It is!

There’s also a lot going on at home. I have two sons with my wife Maren, she’s a gymnastics teacher: Jan is eleven and Till is seven. I’m happy that we live in the suburbs and have a garden. The boys can run around there. When we moved to the suburbs twelve years ago from our home
in downtown Munich, I was afraid that I would get bored. But now, I enjoy small-town life. Three old taverns, two good butchers, a baker who still bakes his own bread. And the city isn’t far. Maren and I often go downtown to eat at a restaurant or see a movie. Not long ago, we were at the exhibit for the fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier.

My wife and I think alike; there’s just one area where we have fundamental differences: exercise. For Maren, it always has to be short and sweet: full-speed ahead a while and then done. She’s a sprinter, what do you expect? We both played rugby when we were young, but today I’m more interested in the long haul. I like things to be more relaxed, whether I’m swimming, running or cycling. At least I’ve been able to get Maren interested in cycling more often lately. Maybe we can make exercising together work after all.

At 41, of course, I can no longer lead the wild and exciting life of a student. But there are also advantages to being older. I’m calmer. I know what I want in life. I’m thankful for everything I have: health, a good job, a great family. I know that not everyone has these things.

Annual Report 2015

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