Barb | Eagle Grove, Iowa B. BRAUN ANNUAL REPORT 2017

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Barb, Eagle Grove, Iowa

Once again this year, our annual report portrays real people. This year it is Barb, who we accompany through her daily life in Eagle Grove, Iowa. What do Barb and B. Braun have in common? Like us at B. Braun, she is committed to people. Barb does that by supporting the people around her with heart and soul and helping them to live the most fulfilled life possible. We at B. Braun do that by sharing our expertise each day to protect and improve the lives and the health of people all over the world. And for us – just like Barb – that means above all: Listening, empathy, and collaboration. Only in that way we are able to develop effective solutions and ground-breaking standards working in constructive dialog with our customers. In our annual report, we show you what that actually looks like in words, images, facts and figures.