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Innovation is part of our DNA

150 years of Aesculap

Tuttlingen. In 1867, the visionary cutler Gottfried Jetter laid the foundation for the Aesculap AG of today. Prof. Dr. Heinz Walter Große regards the Tuttlingen company with pride. Today, it represents a strong brand within the B. Braun Group. Surgeons around the world value Aesculap for innovative solutions that continually improve the possibilities of modern medicine.

In 150 years, the company transformed from a Swabian manufacturer to a global market leader for surgical instruments, and from a workshop to a major corporation and esteemed partner for surgery. The ambition to continually push back boundaries and to reinvent established technology is an important part of Aesculap's success story.

"Innovation is a value deeply rooted in our DNA," says Prof. Dr. Heinz-Walter Große, Chairman of the Management Board of the B. Braun Group. "It is our goal to sustainably contribute to medical advancement with products from Aesculap. We aim to develop solutions that improve patient health and the conditions of medical practitioners. Smaller surgical wounds, faster healing, lower risks, more safety for patients and staff in the operating room: to us, this is the definition of innovation."

Innovation makes history

“Aesculap has demonstrated this claim continuously for decades: with ever more precise instruments that are tailor made for specific surgical procedures and indications, the company is consistently enhancing its historical core competence. In addition, today the brand is also focusing on digitalization in the operating theater. For example, the OrthoPilot® navigation system supports surgeons preforming precise knee or hip prosthesis implantations. With the 3D EinsteinVision® system Aesculap has revolutionized minimally invasive surgery.”

The brand's innovations of today are part of a long tradition of pioneering products: In 1922, Aesculap advanced surgery with a new suturing apparatus that enabled secure closures in the gastrointestinal region by means of metal staples. In 1935, the company astounded experts with the first surgical electric motor. The first compressed air motor followed in 1967, and 1971 represented another important milestone with the invention of the sterile container. Since the second half of the 20th Century, Aesculap has also been a pioneering developer in the field of orthopedic implants.

“In our anniversary year, we look back with pride at the contribution our products have made to medical progress. It motivates us to use our knowledge and our experience in the future as well to develop innovative solutions that improve people's health – together with our partners in operating rooms throughout the world”, says Dr. Joachim Schulz, Chairman of Aesculap's Management Board.

Creating a culture of innovation

Prof. Grosse emphasizes the importance of this "tradition of innovation”: "Aesculap has been around since 1867. B. Braun celebrated its 175th year in 2014. This experience is the basis of new developments. Medicine requires many things that Silicon Valley can't simply conjure out of thin air. But we must remain watchful."

Management has the responsibility to create the conditions for this, stresses Grosse. "Our corporate culture should have the courage to develop and implement ideas. As a learning organization, our training and continuing education concepts form the foundation of knowledge for innovation. Our promise of SHARING EXPERTISE, however, is our primary driver of progress. If we maintain our constructive dialog with customers, partners and colleagues, we will collaboratively develop solutions that set new global standards in surgery over the next 150 years."

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