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“In the anniversary year, this question represents our lasting desire to rethink the limits of what surgery can achieve. So that tomorrow's patients benefit from what seems to us as visionary today. Digitalization, telemedicine, robot-supported surgery, minimization – there is still so much potential to discover and to use. A look back at product developments in our history that were significant for medical progress confirms our optimism for the future,” says Dr. Joachim Schulz, Chairman of Aesculap AG’s Management Board.

... so many lives could be saved through the use of minute titanium clips in the brain?

... such a precision can be achieved through knowledge and technology?

... artificial joints could give human beings their freedom and mobility back?

... these instruments would provide so much future for so many people?

... fine wire meshes would allow millions of hearts to keep beating?

... 3D cameras would be used as keyholes in the body thereby protecting patients against major surgical wounds?