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An organization and management that takes on responsibility

The company’s operations are organized into four divisions - Hospital Care, Aesculap, Out Patient Market, and B. Braun Avitum.

B. Braun management board

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  • Prof. Dr. Heinz-Walter Große
    Chairman of the Management Board, Chief Human Resources Officer
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  • Dr. Annette Beller
    Member of the Board (Finance, Taxes and Controlling, Central Service Departments)
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  • Anna Maria Braun, LL.M.
    Member of the Board (President Asia Pacific)
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  • Dr. Meinrad Lugan
    Member of the Board (Hospital Care Division, Out Patient Market Division)
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  • Caroll H. Neubauer, LL.M.
    Member of the Board (Region North America)
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  • Dr. Joachim Schulz
    Member of the Board (B. Braun Aesculap Division)
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  • Markus Strotmann
    Member of the Board (B. Braun Avitum Division)
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