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Learning with the B. Braun Foundation

The B. Braun Foundation helps people committed to serving the interests of life, research, health, and the alleviation or prevention of suffering.

With almost 19 million euros in capital stock, the B. Braun Foundation is one of the largest foundations in northern Hesse. It spends around one million euros every year to support research projects in medicine, nursing and medical technology, and basic and advanced training of hospital staff. The money is used to finance scholarships, research projects, and other events.

One of the initiatives that focuses on constructive dialogue is the Foundation’s mentoring program. Participants have the opportunity to broaden their horizons by visiting occupational seminars to learn from mentors – experienced managers from another branch of the healthcare industry. For the last eight years, the B. Braun Foundation has collaborated with the International Health Care Management Institute, the University of Trier and the Careum Foundation from Zurich to offer the eight-month program to talented young people from the fields of medicine, management, industry, nursing care and science.