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Good employer

We consistently align our human resources management to the needs of our employees and customers. We want to harmonize the requirements of our employees and the company. To this end, we rely on agile forms of organizing work and of collaboration. At the same time, we promote a culture characterized by trust, accountability and diversity.

We are convinced that only companies that act sustainably, taking responsibility for providing good working conditions for current and future generations, can grow in the future. We create the framework for fair working conditions, satisfied employees and a skilled and motivated work environment with regular dialog between our employees, collective bargaining units and works councils, as well as our managers. We are preparing together for the digital transformation we need, continuously developing our employees and building new skills and competencies. We want to accelerate digitization at B. Braun, and make the new key technologies useful.

Our employees enjoy working at B. Braun. They want to do their part to protect and improve the health of people around the world. Interaction with the creative spaces created by B. Braun for the development of their professional talent and the outstanding general conditions in their working environment allows employees to concentrate on sharing knowledge, developing solutions for our customers and constantly developing themselves personally.



We value diversity—an integration of different perspectives, opinions, experiences and ways of life is valuable to us, and is part of how we see ourselves. We create a culture in which all employees can be what they want by striving to achieve an inclusive, respectful and equal work environment for all. We create the foundation of our mutual success, this is the driving force behind our values. B. Braun signed the diversity charter together with 3,000 other companies as a symbol of our basic principles.

B. Braun employees have founded various initiatives in recent years to raise awareness of an appreciative, inclusive and equal work environment.

We offer men and women the same opportunities for employment and advancement. B. Braun is striving for continuous increases in the proportion of female managers. In 2020, of the six members of the Executive Board two are women, with four women in the 16 members of the Supervisory Board. The proportion of women serving on these Boards result is 33.3 percent and 25 percent, respectively. At this time, B. Braun is working on additional programs to accelerate equal representation rights by women at all management levels.

Work-life balance


As a family company, it is particularly important to us that employees can balance their family and work. B. Braun already offers familyfriendly working hours models in many companies in the countries.

The percentage of men taking parental leave has continued to increase in recent years. This is a signal that the way of life is changing, and we at B. Braun support this trend.

In Europe, our employees were able to temporarily reduce their work hours with B. Braun's family-related part-time work model and take more time for their families. 

Management and collaboration

Management and collaboration

We believe that mutual trust is the basis for our collaboration. We make space for personal growth, make decisions at all levels, and develop together in constructive exchanges with one another. Our openness to continuous learning enables continuous development of our skills and collaboration. In a work environment characterized by diversity, we value and integrate different perspectives, experiences and backgrounds. 

Learning and continuous development

It is crucial that our employees acquire new know-how and are open to change. This is why B. Braun accompanies the professional path of each individual with a wide range of training and development options. Innovative learning, digital approaches and using new technologies will play an important part in the future.

Occupational health and safety

Occuptational health and safety

As a company in the health sector, we are responsible for customers and patients, and also for our own employees. At B. Braun, we take a preventive approach in order to keep work-related accidents and illnesses at a minimum. In all departments of the company, occupational safety is achieved by example and through employees' willingness to accept responsibility. The B. Braun accident rates were reduced by about 13 percent in the reporting period.