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Medical care on wheels

Life can be tough and good medical care is a luxury, especially in rural India. B. Braun wanted to change that, and in 2019 they founded a Mobile Medical Unit at the Bhiwadi site. The mobile doctor's station offers a variety of different services. Doctors and nurses carry out examinations, measure blood sugar, blood pressure and hemoglobin values ​​and provide suitable medication free of charge.

24,557 people helped

The vehicle has been on the road six days a week in the surrounding villages since April 2019. So far, 24,557 people from 12 villages have been treated. Most of them are women and children whose diseases are rarely diagnosed and treated at an early stage. In addition to the successful use of the Mobile Medical Unit, the health program also includes detailed training on hygiene and health care in the village communities. This is how conditions can be improved here, so that treatments are not even necessary and a sustainable improvement in health care is created.