New logistics center in Scandinavia

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New logistics center using less CO2

Long transit routes are not only a nuisance, they also have a particularly strong impact on the environment: the longer the route, the higher the CO2 emissions. This issue has also been keeping the logistics managers at B. Braun in Northern Europe occupied. In 2017, planning began for the relocation of the warehouse for the Scandinavian markets—from Korrkoping in Sweden to Taastrup in Denmark. A year later, the time had come: the new logistics hub was open and it was supposed to shorten all routes, both the transport routes for deliveries from the headquarters in Melsungen and the delivery of products to Scandinavian customers.

1.2 million truck kilometers saved

After just one year, the savings were impressive: the transport of goods from Melsungen required 648,000 fewer truck kilometers, and we saved another 550,000 truck kilometers on customer trips. This is the same as a total of 30 trips around the world. Fewer kilometers also lead to fewer emissions. We were able to save around 240 metric kilotons of CO2 by 2020, which is 30 percent less CO2 emissions than before and equals the average amount of emissions from almost 12,000 European households. The initially planned number of rack positions and stored pallets in the new warehouse was also able to be corrected and this was exceeded by far after the construction phase and the move. In the meantime, more than 2,500 pallets can be stored and almost 2,400 positions are available—more than twice the originally planned capacity.