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Responsibility to our clients and products

Doctors, nursing staff, pharmacists and patients – they are all part of B. Braun's target groups and have different needs and requirements. A deep understanding of this fundamentally drives our actions and is reflected in our system solutions. 

Through a holistic approach along the entire development process – from the initial idea to being used in the patient's home or as part of the daily hospital routine – we identify possible risks of therapies in dialog with medical specialists and patients. We evaluate them and develop prevention strategies in order to increase treatment quality and safety. With structured risk management, we reduce risks and improve safety in the healthcare field.

„For me, sustainability means the continuous growth of B. Braun through research and development, so that we secure future growth and offer sustainable jobs. This includes continuing to develop employees and products, opening up new markets and acquiring new customers. We must continue to learn from and work with each other in line with our philosophy of “Sharing Expertise”, so that we act sustainably.“

– Augie Ledwaba | B. Braun South Africa

B. Braun as a partner

We want to serve our clients in the best possible, most comprehensive way. Added value for our clients is created through the synergies of multiple B. Braun products and services. For example, we develop effective solutions for hospitals, doctors' practices, pharmacies, care and rescue services and for domestic care, as well as guiding standards for the healthcare field in general. 

With our services and consulting offerings, we improve processes in hospitals, renal care centers and doctors’ practices and make procedures safer and more efficient. In addition, B. Braun helps patients and their family members to prepare for in-home care.

B. Braun for safety

With the "B. Braun for Safety" project, which was launched in 2013, we have intensified our partnerships with a variety of organizations and associations. That includes cooperation with the "European Association of Hospital Managers", the umbrella organization for hospital managers in Europe. Through joint projects, we increase awareness of risks and contribute to safe and high quality patient care over the long-term. 

Infusion therapy in hospital

With structured risk management, we reduce risks and improve safety in the healthcare field. This is demonstrated in concrete terms by the example of infusion therapy in the hospital. Medical specialists and patients are subject to various risks, the effects of which can have wide-ranging consequences.

Product safety | Consistent and intuitive product design and reliable functions support users in their daily work.

Patient safety | B. Braun's products help to prevent risks and complications. Thereby increase opportunities for recovery and can shorten hospital stays.

User safety | Products and services from B. Braun reduce risks and ensure the protection of users from injuries and contact with active substances or pathogens.

Process safety | B. Braun products and services improve processes and routines by reducing and simplifying work steps in the application, thereby saving costs.