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As a family-owned business, B. Braun acts around the world as a "citizen of society". We consider this to mean that we act as a good citizen for society in the long term, beyond our actual business activities, and set an example for other companies. 

The strategy for our societal engagement comprises of building upon and exchanging our know-how, the promotion of regions and the creation of prospects. In 2017, we sponsored a total of 239 social projects in 36 countries.

To help people – right where we are

In doing so we have the opportunity to pointedly engage in different projects all over the world . One such example are our employees in Vietnam who supported the organization Nu Cuoi. They aimed at providing medical check-ups for people who live in the remotest mountain regions in the north. There, especially children suffer from poor living standards.

Also in Germany, we offer help at B. Braun sites when it is needed. At the founding site, and also headquarter, in Melsungen we for example supported the reconstruction of the local comprehensive school. Additionally, B. Braun’s subsidiary company Aesculap with their project “Kinderuni” (children’s university) for the 34th time opened the gates to science and research for youngsters in Tuttlingen. Another such initiative is the B. Braun Foundation: it focuses on the training and continued education of nurses and doctors in hospitals in form of symposia, colloquia and scholarships.

„We are committed to social facilities in the region: Within the past two years we have increased our support for the Edudown Foundation, which offers children with Down’s syndrome educational and social help, to make it easier for them to live in society.“

– Raúl Lavín | B. Braun Chile

At the US location in Allentown, Pennsylvania, 14 to 18 year old participants receive first-hand tips and information on various occupations in a "Career Awareness Course”. B. Braun employees get involved in this project voluntarily as mentors. B. Braun in Brazil supports a similiar project called "Arsenal do Bem", where young people are prepared for an apprenticeship or their career start.