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The best of two worlds

Balancing work and family life

The know-how, passion and capabilities of our employees are crucial to the realization of our goals – and B. Braun's greatest strength. As a family-owned business, it is particularly important to us that employees can balance their family and work lives. 

„For me, sustainability means balance. Balance with my environment and the society in which we live. The balance between what we receive from our families, friends, neighbors, colleagues, partners and, of course, our customers, and what we give back.“

– Adrián Contreras | B. Braun Mexico

B. Braun already provides family-friendly working hours at many national subsidiaries. In Germany, France, Great Britain, Poland, Russia, Switzerland and Spain, our employees can choose from multiple part-time offerings and simultaneously utilize flexi-time and working from home offces. In this way, we are offering more and more employees the foundation for an equitable work-life balance.

At B. Braun, we trust that each individual is contributing to the company's success with their knowledge and capabilities. We value our employees in all of their variety regardless of their background, gender, education, ethnic origin, nationality, generation, age, way of working and thinking, religion, sexual orientation and know-how. We are certain that this recognition of diversity makes a crucial contribution to medical progress in rapidly transforming markets.

We believe that diversity in management teams produces the best outcomes. That's why B. Braun pays particular attention to the equal participation of women and men in manage-senior managers in Germany, the German human resources departments, the Workers' Council and Corporate Communications launched the "Women in Management" project in March 2017. This intends to open up the path to the upper levels of management for female employees within the German locations. The project is accompanied by a comprehensive communications concept. 

The internationality and mobility of employees are important components of B. Braun's culture. We actively promote networking and communication across national, international and cultural borders. Expatriate jobs, which are established for a duration from six months (project work/ training) to a maximum of five years (organizational integration in the country of employment) play an important role in this. Employees collect new experiences, expand their skills and networks and make a contribution to the common understanding of values and a Group-wide, unified application of know-how. 

This global communication has great value for the participants, as it does for the competitiveness of our Group. After all, only when we understand and respect other cultural groups can we develop local markets further, market our products and services in a customer-focused manner and secure the future sustainability of the company. Stays abroad are also a component of training – as a result, we promote international engagement at an early stage.

The most important outcome of the dialog in social partnership between corporate management, Workers' Councils and the trades represented in the company is the long-term securing of employment. B. Braun's human resources management is internationally recognized and has won multiple awards in 2015, 2016 and 2017. 

Awards Human Resources

Year Awarding Institution Award Location
2015 Investors in People Investors in People Gold Great Britain
2016 WorkplaceDynamics, LLC Top Workplaces 2016 Bethlehem, PA, USA
2017 Aon Hewitt Best Employer Hungary
2017 Fachmedienhaus Vogel, Mediate Group, Steinbeis-Hochschule Digital Transformer of the Year Germany
2017 Focus and Focus Money Germanys Best Training Companies 2017 Germany
2017 Top Employer Institute Top Employer China