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Social commitment

Our commitment ranges from material resources and financial support in the form of sponsoring and donations, to volunteer work by our employees. Today and in the future, we will supporting projects to impart knowledge, promote regions and improve perspectives, which we see as the greatest added value of our social progress activities. We are coming one step closer to our goal as a company: protecting and improving the health of people around the world. 

In 2020, we sponsored a total of 210 social projects in 34 countries. The Covid-19 pandemic had a decisive impact on our work. Since 2004, we have been creating living conditions and prospects for children with the B. Braun for Children initiative. In 2020, we made 92 projects possible, which benefited more than 50,000 children worldwide.

Conveying knowledge

Conveying knowledge

With Sharing Expertise, we also follow the promise of sharing knowledge and developing new ideas together as part of our social commitment. We believe that education empowers people to go through life with confidence and a sense of self-determination.

The B. Braun Foundation has been dedicated for over 50 years to promoting education, science and research, as well as public health, in human medicine. It was founded by the entrepreneurs Otto and Dr. Bernd Braun in 1966. With its own programs, support of research projects and events, as well as providing advanced training grants for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and hospital managers, it promotes people within the health industry. This contributes to improving health.

The Otto Braun Fund also supports young scientists in Germany with scholarships. B. Braun has used its funds to support doctoral students at the University of Kassel who delve into practical, relevant research since 1989. This commitment is complemented by the Fellowship Funding Program, an extended program awarded once a year to doctoral graduates for outstanding application-oriented research. 

B. Braun has been implementing educational projects in Kenya and Senegal since 2018 as part of the program. This initiative is led by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development's (BMZ) and other medical technology companies as well as scientific partners.

Since 2013, B. Braun has been a member of Wissensfabrik, a German business network. The initiative, which includes 130 companies and foundations, works together with scientific partners to develop educational projects and implement them throughout Germany in day care centers and schools. It focuses on the STEM subjects: science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The goal is to strengthen the innovative power of tomorrow.

Commitment in the regions

Commitment in the regions

We always pick projects that give disadvantaged people the chance to have a better life. With our personal and financial commitment and through in-kind donations, we help them to help themselves in the long term, as well as providing urgent assistance when necessary. Many of our employees are also regularly involved with donations or personal time for societal needs, supported by B. Braun.

In India, B. Braun even operates a mobile medical unit, helping people who cannot afford medical treatment. The vehicle has been on the road six days a week since April 2019. We've treated 24,557 people from 12 villages in the area around Bhiwadi. During the corona pandemic, our site was also able to help families there by issuing 58,800 hygiene sets.