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Strategic orientation

As a family-owned company, our focus is on the long term and we are also looking to grow sustainably in the next decade. We have anchored a responsibility for long-term growth - for our employees, for our environment, and for society - in our business processes. Clear responsibilities and decision-making channels ensure that our actions are efficient. We utilize the resources available to us in an economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable way. Each corporate activity makes its own contribution to the company's success. In every one of our departments, the constant exchange of knowledge and know-how contributes to sustainable solutions throughout B. Braun's entire value creation cycle.

New technology and the digital transformation will be crucial when it comes to shaping the world of medical technology and the health care industry of tomorrow. This is why we will continue to drive digitalization forward and make key technologies, such as robotics and biotechnology, useful for our customers, and for us. Sustainability plays a pivotal role in the structure of this change and is a strategic success factor for our business activities.



The materiality matrix is the foundation of B. Braun’s sustainability activities. In order to determine the main non-financial issues, we use a Group-wide materiality analysis that depicts sustainability issues related to business relevance. At the same time, it considers assessments from our most important stakeholders. Our stakeholder confirmed the great importance of product quality and safety. In addition, they consider responsible use of raw materials, employee development and talent management, innovative capability, sustainability strategy, recycling (circular economy), and work-life balance to be of particular relevance.

Corporate governance and compliance

Corporate governance and compliance

We have always been committed to legally compliant and socially responsible corporate management. For us, corporate governance and compliance are not merely obligations but a self-evident prerequisite for sustainable management. The legal and ethical conduct of our employees is central to our value system. Learn more in our Code of Conduct.