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„For me, the challenge was switching back and forth between different and oftentimes completely new work tasks. That required well-honed multitasking skills and carrying them out seemingly blindfolded. It is really the orientation process – that feeling of not knowing at the beginning through to sorting out and ordering of subject matter – up until the actual creation process. That itself gave me so much.“

– Sheila Christina Simbine

„I completely rediscovered myself. Both professionally as well as personally. The culture shock I will get when I return to Ghana might even be greater than when I first arrived in Germany“

– Afoka Bart-Plange

Sustainable corporate management

B. Braun stands for innovation, efficiency and sustainability. These values make us what we are – a future-oriented, reliable and conscientious company. Our self-image is comprised of long- term economic success as well as the acceptance of ecological and social responsibility. We always have our goal in mind: improving and protecting the health of people.

As a family company, entrepreneurial independence and economic success are inseparably linked with sustainability for B. Braun. Together with the ecological dimension and the social dimension, the economic dimension forms our integrated corporate social responsibility approach, and thus the foundation for future-oriented action, which protects the interests of present and upcoming generations.

„We understand sustainability to be the way of acting entrepreneurially while at the same time, respecting and protecting our environment, society, customers, patients and co-workers.“

– Raúl Lavín | B. Braun Chile

The economic dimension so together with the ecological and the social dimension constitutes our holistic Corporate Social Responsibility Concept and therefore the basis for future-oriented acting, which protects the interests of present and future generations.

Our Value-Added Process

"Sharing Expertise" is our promise to share, effectively use and consistently expand know-how and proficiency in medicine and healthcare in dialog with our partners. Management, its staff departments and our employees around the world have committed themselves to this promise.

At B. Braun, added value is a constantly renewing cycle. The various corporate activities shown in the figure each make their own contribution to corporate success.

Procurement | Procurement at B. Braun has a globally balanced and locally anchored supplier network that is characterized by many years of collaboration, as well as mutual trust and open communication. We select only those suppliers and logistics service providers that meet energy management, compliance and other quality criteria.

Production |  The particular requirements of the healthcare market make careful production with process-related inspection loops and accompanying compliance with national and international regulations on product registration, production validation and product safety indispensable.

Marketing and sales |  Behaving with integrity in competition is a foundation of the marketing of our products and services. That's why we promote and carry out fair, legal and free competition.

Customer dialog | "Sharing Expertise" is at the center of our added value cycle. In continuous dialog with the users of our products and services, we acquire new insights and integrate them into the development of innovative solutions.

Research and development |  We aim to continually increase quality and safety in the healthcare sector with our solutions. Our particular expertise is increasing the user friendliness of existing therapies and minimizing risks.