renal care center Monforte

Renal Care Center Monforte



B. Braun Avitum Servicios Renales, S.A.U. 
Reboredo 29
27400 Monforte


Phone: +34 982 410 723

Operating Hours

Monday - Saturday 08:00 am – 07:00 pm


  • Hemodialysis
  • Hemodiafiltration on line

Spoken Languages

  • Spanish
  • English


  • Holiday dialysis
  • TV
  • WiFi / Internet

Holiday dialysis

Nearest Hospital: General Hospital Monforte

Distance to main station: 3 km 

Distance to city center: 1 mile

Dialysis equipment: Dialog

Hotel Puente Romano, Paseo del Malecón, 27400 Monforte de Lemos (Lugo) - distance to renal care center 2,3 km

Hotel Augas Santas, Zona Os Baños, 27430 Pantón (Lugo) - distance to renal care center 14 km

Parador de Monforte, Plaza Luis de Góngora y Argote, 27400 Monforte de Lemos (Lugo) - distance to renal care center 1,6 km 

Monforte it is located in the northwestern part of the country, in the autonomous region of Galicia, 65 km south of Lugo. Galicia, known as "the green corner of Spain," is famous for its varied and beautiful landscape.

Tourist attractions in the town and surrounding areas

Monumental site of San Vicente del Pino: Located in the highest part of the town of Monforte de Lemos, comprises the Torre de Homenaje tower, the San Vicente del Pino monastery and the Palace of the Condes de Lemos. The latter two buildings now house the Monforte Parador (state-run luxury hotel). The monastery’s origins are in the 10th Century, but its construction was finished in the 17th Century. The church is in the pointed style, a transition from the Gothic to the Renaissance, and its façade is Renaissance. Convent of Nuestra Señora de la Antigua: It dates from the 16th and 17th Centuries. It is a major complex made up of monastery and church, and shows considerable influence from the Renaissance architect Juan de Herrera. The convent building, with two neoclassic style cloisters, lodges a small art gallery in which there are two paintings of El Greco and several pictures by Andrea del Sarto, a mannerist painter. Ribeira Sacra: area with a great number of Romanesque churches situated in the valleys of the rivers Miño and Sil. The river Sil’s canyons are worthy of a visit. Its walls reach to more than 500 meters at points. Its hillsides display a curious landscape, combining an ablation effect creating skittish forms on the stones with the artificial terraces built for grape-vine farming. The canyon can be visited by catamaran on the fluvial routes, or from the high walking the road which surrounds it and stops at the sights of the Madrid Balconies or Santa Cristina Minster.