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Tackling malnutrition and weight loss to support recovery

Nutrition can play an integral part in your recovery, especially if you are suffering from a serious underlying disease such as cancer. A good nutritional status can effectively support therapies, conserve energy and may improve your quality of life. It is crucial to pay attention to your diet, especially if you have lost weight unintentionally.

Malnutrition in cancer patients

Why you should care about your nutritional status 

Malnutrition can pose a serious risk for you as a cancer patient. It can significantly worsen your health, including your treatment outcomes. We have assembled a quick check to help you identify your personal risk of malnutrition.


Malnutrition quick check
Supporting cancer patients and their relatives

Feed life. Feel better.

We believe that you need to be your body’s best friend and closest ally. We want to empower you with essential facts to help you feel better and regain vitality.

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Nutrition in cancer

Learn more about the critical role your nutrition plays and why nutrition matters now more than ever. Understand nutrition in cancer.

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Tips and exercises

Here you will find helpful tips that may reduce side effects of your anticancer therapy and learn how to support your body with targeted exercise.

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Tasty recipes

Eat well. Eat regularly. Eat fresh. Drink plenty. For cancer patients this can be a big challenge. Get oriented with tips on various cancer-related nutritional issues and discover our recipes.

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Cooking videos

Many limitations keep cancer patients from relishing cooking: loss of appetite, smell aversions, lack of energy - Even more reason to create simple, meals that can cover your body’s nutritional demands.

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