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Even under "ordinary" conditions, many people despair at this question. For cancer patients, it is even more difficult. There are so many limitations keeping you from relishing in cooking: loss of appetite, smell aversions, lack of energy, depression, etc. All the more reason you should try to create tasty meals that cover your body’s nutritional demands. We’ve composed some tasty recipes with Remune™.

food and remune
Discover tasty recipes with Remune™. 

Remune: The valuable ingredient for your recipes 

Remune is a partially balanced oral nutritional supplement for the dietary management of disease-related malnutrition in precachexia and cachexia especially due to cancer or COPD.
Its ingredients can support you in these challenging days:

Important Notice: Not suitable as sole source of nutrition. Use under medical supervision. Not for parenteral use!

Remune™ comes ready to drink and can also be used to give your meals a higher food value.

Adapt nutrition

Did you know that food may help you cope with common side effects of cancer? To support you in choosing suitable meals, we marked which recipes are suitable to the following effects caused by cancer or its treatment. 


Side effects

Also known as loss of appetite and one of the most common symptoms when cancer is acquired. There are several reasons you can lose your appetite. Sometimes, other side effects like smell aversions induce anorexia, too.


Difficulty swallowing. Change the viscosity and consistency of food to improve safety. Modify the texture of liquids. If necessary, consult your healthcare team in order to find out your level of dysphagia. 


Also known as sore mouth. It’s inflammation of the oral mucosa caused by chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Initially, you may feel a burning sensation or the feeling of a foreign object in your throat when you swallow. Later on, this may turn into pain, which is more intense with ingestion.


Also known as dry mouth as a result of a decrease in or the absence of the production of saliva. You will notice a feeling of dry mouth, burning, difficulty chewing and swallowing, taste alterations and you may even have bad breath. 


Please also consult your dietician or nutritionist. They will support you with a custom diet plan.

Try it! Recharge your batteries.

Try our tasty meals made with Remune. Support your body in fighting malnutrition. Discover how to recharge your batteries easily with good flavor. Find inspiration below or visit our Youtube playlist for short cooking videos.

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