Ileostomy bags
to prevent stoma leaks

Managing your ileostomy with the right stoma bag

To manage your ileostomy you will use a drainable bag, which is often called ileostomy bag. This type of appliance presents a bottom outlet, which allows it to be emptied regularly. Sometimes people with a colostomy prefer this type of bags, it depends on your stool consistency and your personal preference.

The large drainable outlet of 7 cm intends to enable an easier outlet cleaning and bag emptying. On our Flexima® ranges, an integrated soft Roll'up clamp is available. Our ileostomy bags of the Proxima® ranges can be closed with a reusable rigid clamp or a single use soft adhesive clamp. 

If you experience high output, you can use any of our high-flow bags in both one-piece and two-piece systems. For more comfort, your high flow bag can be connected to a Flow Collector providing a safe answer to the high output indications. 

How to empty and clean the stoma bag

All our drainable bags of the Proxima® and Flexima® one- and two-piece ranges have a 7 cm large outlet to facilitate the emptying of the bags for both people with colostomy and ileostomy. 

How to empty and clean a stoma bag with Roll'up outlet

How to empty and clean a stoma bag with Roll'up outlet

White tabs implemented additionally on the Roll'up outlets of the Flexima®, Flexima® Active, Flexima® Key & Flexima® 3S drainable bags help to open the outlet widely, for both emptying the bag and for cleaning the outlet. 

Emptying of the bag

Release the two self-fastening strips and unroll the sleeve towards the toilet bowl. Be careful, emptying will start right at this point. To fully open the outlet, apply slight pressure with your fingers on the guides (see picture). 

Cleaning of the bag outlet

Once the emptying is complete, expel, as much as possible, any matter still in the sleeve by pressing it lightly from top to bottom. Carefully clean its extremity avoiding the use of shedding cloths (see picture).

How to empty our high-output bags

Our two-piece bags Flexima® Key Maxi and Flexima® 3S High Flow as well as the one-piece  Flexima® High Flow bags have a specially designed funnel outlet.

Remove the cap and point it towards the toilet bowl. Once the emptying is complete, clean the cap and close it again.

How to close the stoma bag

Intuitive and secure stoma bag closing with our Roll'up system

The Roll'up outlet has an integrated self-gripping soft clamp. Once the outlet of these ileostomy bags are closed, they have the same compact shape as a closed colostomy bag. The edges of the outlet are soft for an increased wearing comfort of the ileostomy bag.

Closing of the bag

The extremity of the Roll'up outlet sleeve has to be folded (rolled up) four times. To do this, start by folding the white tabs forwards, four times, and end by lifting the flap with the self-fastening strip to finally put it over the folded sleeve. To seal the outlet, make sure that the two self-fastening strips are aligned, facing each other and apply pressure on all their length to be securely closed.

Our answer to your high output stoma

An effective combination of our high-output bags and the Flow Collector, a distal collection bag  

People who suffer from high-output stoma often have poor quality of sleep and are not able to recover appropriately by night. Frequent bag changes decrease their life quality. To help you, if you are concerned, we offer our different high-flow stoma bags combined with our distal collecting bag, the Flow Collector. Both the high-flow outlet of our bags and the Flow Collector have been specifically designed together to provide a safe and easy to handle answer to high output stoma.

The stoma bag with an easy-to-handle high-output outlet

  • Funnel-shaped to facilitate output evacuation
  • Large diameter of the outlet for an easy emptying 
  • Direct connection to the tube of the Flow Collector bag
  • Easy handing even for patients with low dexterity

The Flow Collector

  • Compact shape with a 2 litres capacity measurable approximately with a printed scale
  • White back cover for more discretion with a white opaque tube of 1.5 meter length connectable to the stoma bag high-output outlet
  • Soft material preventing rupture when the bag is on the floor 
  • The Flow Collector can be attached with the help of the hooks 

The outlet of the Flow Collector

  • Large diameter of 20 mm for an easy emptying of output including bits
  • Notched tabs are available on the closing cap: one at the top and one on the side facilitating to grab and open, even with wet fingers. 

One-piece drainable stoma bags:


The Flexima® one-piece drainable bags are provided with a high performance filter for a low risk of bag ballooning and an integrated Roll'up clamp. Wea are offering both a flat and a convex skin protector. High flow bags are also available in this range with the possibility to be connected to the Flow Collector.

Flexima® Active

The Flexima® Active range is for patients requiring more comfort. Its highly flexible skin protector gives you the comfort of a second skin*. The drainable bags integrate a high performance filter which lowers the risk of bag ballooning and a Roll'up soft clamp. The Flexima Active O'Convex bags are provided with a soft convexity.

Proxima® / Proxima® +

Proxima® is a range of  drainable bags have a large 7 cm outlet which can be closed with two types of clamps, the soft clamps for more comfort or the reusable rigid clamps. This range offers the opportunity to chose between bags with or without filter as well as with standard skin protector or a border skin protector for a broad wearing time. You can also choose between bags of different backing material.


Two-piece stoma bags:

Flexima® 3S

Flexima® 3S is a 2-piece mechanical coupling system with a patented guiding system for easy bag positioning.

The three S stand for: 

  • Simple: It guides into position for you!
  • Safe: It gives you confidence!
  • Soft: It becomes a part of you!

The drainable bags with integrated high performance filter are available in two different sizes, midi and maxi, that have to be connected to either a flat or convex Flexima® 3S wafer. High-flow bags are also available in this range and can be connected to the Flow Collector

Flexima® Key

Flexima® Key is a two-piece adhesive coupling system which provides a precise and simple positioning of the drainable bag onto the wafer thanks to its guided 'key' system.

The Flexima® Key Roll'up bags with integrated high performance filter and Roll'up outlet are available in two sizes, midi and maxi. Additionally, you can choose the Flexima® Key Maxi bag with funnel-shaped outlet which can be connected to the Flow Collector. This bag is suitable for patients with low dexterity. The wafers are available in flat and convex version which provides flexibility.

Proxima® 2 / Proxima® 2+

This  2-piece range have a mechanical coupling system. Thanks to a click, you'll be assure that your bag is attached well to the wafer. You can choose between a full hydrocolloid base plate or a combined hydrocolloid & acrylic tape border for extended weartime as well as between two different backing materials. The large outlet of these drainable bags can be closed with two types of clamps, the soft clamps for more comfort or the rigid clamps which can be reused.


*International Post Market User Evaluation of Flexima®/Softima® Active 1-Piece system - B. Braun internal report