Diveen® - An innovative device to reduce stress urinary incontinence

The World Continence Week (WCW) is an annual event organized by the International Society (ICS). It has as main objective to aware the mainstream about the different incontinence problems which some people must face in their everyday life and the related solutions available today to help them to rediscover a normal way of living.

In France, more than 3 million of women and in the USA around 20 million of women aged 18 - 65 years old are concerned by this problem*.

Fortunately, nowadays thanks to medical innovations, this problem can be fixed easily. Diveen® has been developped in order to  allow women who are concerned by Stress Urinary Incontinence to get back to a normal life.


    * - Estimated data

B. Braun supports the World Continence Week

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Creative answers of different people about Diveen® before knowing its purpose

"It could be also a christmas decoration". - Germany

"This is a piece of floss for an elephant. So when you take this up and down the tusk you will be able to remove any floss from the elephant." -USA

"This reminds me a little bit of my childhood, when I used to dip these in soap and then I could make soap bubbles". -Belgium

"To me it looks like some weird contraceptive device (laugh)" - Australia

"... a christmas tree decoration? ...a slingshot?...something for women? ...that is against incontinence! ...Don't be shy - inform yourself!"

Existing therapeutically solutions to cope with female stress incontinence problem.  

Today, in order to help women who are concerned by stress urinary incontinence to face this problem, solutions such as diapers and surgery are well-known among people. Also, pelvic floor muscle training is available to help them to cope with this problem.



Get back to a normal life thanks to Diveen®. 

Discreet, easy-to-use and efficient, Diveen® is designed to reduce significantly the risk of urine loss (1) .


1. Cornu J.N et al. 75NC007 device for noninvasive stress urinary incontinence management in women: a randomized control trial. International UrogynecologyjOURNAL 2012? 23 512°/ 1727-34 

A problem which concerns women of all ages but still considered as a taboo.

According to several statistics, 19% of women from 18 years old till 65 years old(1) are affected by this problem.


1. Haab. F. et al. Traitement de l’incontinence urinaire d’effort par colposuspension percutanée : une technique non satisfaisante. Progrès en Urologie 2001, 11 :336-339

Efficacy of Diveen®: Not only clinically proven but also testified by female users 

A clinical study done by Cornu J.N et al. (2012) has showed that Diveen® has a positive impact on women who faced stress urinary incontinence by reducing their urinary symptoms.