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Appropriate diabetes treatment requires monitoring of the blood glucose level – on a regular basis. We want to make that as easy, as comfortable and as painless as possible. Accurate blood glucose readings are necessary to determine the correct insulin dosage. And that is why they are the key to successful diabetes therapy. 

Typical steps of blood glucose measurement

  • Wash your hands with warm water and soap. 
  • In case of alcohol disinfection, the alcohol has to evaporate completely.
  • Make sure that the puncture site is completely dry before collecting the blood sample.
  • Remove the test strip from the flip-top vial. 
  • Close the cap of the flip-top vial, as the wall of the vial contains desiccant.
  • Insert the test strip into the test strip port. 
  • The meter will switch on automatically. 
  • Place the lancing device on the side of your finger tip.
  • Press the release button to gather the blood sample.  
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  • Place your finger on the tip of the test strip.
  • The blood will automatically be drawn into the measurement chamber of the test strip.
  • Hold your finger still, until the confirmation window is completely filled, signaled by the "beep".
  • After the "beep", the test starts automatically.
  • A countdown becomes visible on the display.
  • When the meter is finished, the test result is shown.
  • Depending on the fixed measurement unit, the result is displayed in mmol/L or mg/dL.
  • Remove the used test strip with the strip ejector.
  • The meter turns off automatically, when the test strip is removed.
  • Dispose of the used test strip and the lancet according to regional regulations.