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Diabetes as data-driven disease 

More than with any other disease, the treatment of diabetes relies on comprehensive data. The more information you have, the clearer the picture becomes and the better you understand your disease.

Apart from the main parameters to track in addition to the glucose level itself (meal intake, medications and physical activities), also stress, illnesses or the menstrual cycle can have a big influence on the glucose level's behavior.  Therefore, the need to individually track these values and all the other factors calls for simple documenting solutions.

Product solutions 

Mobile solutions such as the Omnitest® app make your smartphone a constant diabetes companion wherever you are. It gives you a complete overview and the different graphs and statistics make the body’s reaction more understandable.

For the computer, there are different recommendable options such as the independent solutions DIABASS®, Diasend®, Accu-Chek® Smart Pix or SiDiary. 

In the table below, you can gain an overview of which digital solutions are compatible with your Omnitest® meter.

Omnitest® Compatibility  

Product Omnitest app diasend  Accu-Chek Smart Pix Diabass SiDiary Tool for data transfer
Omnitest 5 with Bluetooth* X X X X X Bluetooth® or standard micro-USB cable
Omnitest 5   X X X X Standard micro-USB cable
Omnitest 3     X X X Omnitest 3 / Omnitest plus cable
Omnitest 3 AU   X X X X Omnitest 3 / Omnitest plus cable
Omnitest 3 UK   Planned X X X Omnitest 3 / Omnitest plus cable
Omnitest plus       X X Omnitest 3 / Omnitest plus cable
*When using Bluetooth®, the meter provides automatic data transfer to Omnitest® app.

Omnitest® app

Omnitest® app

The Omnitest® app can be used as digital diabetes diary with any glucose meter. Paired with Omnitest® 5 with Bluetooth® it can receive glucose readings automatically.

  • Check your diabetes data anywhere, anytime
  • Easy to understand and to analyze information
  • High ease of use and accessible design
  • Overview of different graphs and statistics
  • Download your app on Google Play or on the App Store

Available in the UK, Germany, Bulgaria, Belgium, Lativa and the Philippines. 

Diasend® / Glooko

Diasend®/ Glooko

Diasend® is compatible with our Omnitest® 5 meter.

Once registered at the diasend® website, you can easily use the software diasend® Uploader at home or share your data with the diasend® Transmitter if you are at your clinic. 

  • Synchronize your devices: meter, CGM, insulin pump and exercise tracker
  • Identify your blood glucose patterns
  • Share data with care team for support
  • Review detailed reports online 
  • Learn more about diasend®

Available in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and in the USA.

The compatibility with diasend® app is planned as well.

Accu-Chek® Smart Pix

Accu-Chek® Smart Pix

Accu-Chek® Smart Pix is compatible with Omnitest® 3 and Omnitest® 5.

With this software you can gain access to blood glucose meters and insulin pumps through a interface lead or infrared interface.

  • Plug and play principle
  • Upload your data from your meter or insulin pump 
  • Quickly gain an overview of your blood glucose or therapeutic development
  • Learn more about Accu-Chek® Smart Pix

Available in Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Austria.



All Omnitest® meters are compatible with the software DIABASS® and DIABASS® PRO (mediaspects GmbH).

This software is a manufacturer-independent solution that can be purchased for convenient diabetes documentation.

  • Data transfer possible from blood pressure meters, insulin pumps and blood glucose meters including all Omnitest® meters
  • Evaluation options: average day, blood glucose fluctuations as graphic and table, period analysis
  • Reports can be printed
  • Learn more about DIABASS®.

Available in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Belgium.



SiDiary is compatible with Omnitest® 3, Omnitest® 5 and Omnitest® plus.

The software is suitable for all diabetes types and also provides a special mode for people with visual impairment.

  • Upload your data from blood glucose meters or manually enter with PC and mobile devices
  • Review analysis, trends and graphical feedback
  • Send automated SMS/ E-Mail to doctor/ trusted person in case of critical blood glucose level
  • Set reminders for blood glucose measurement or medication
  • Upload excercise data
  • Learn more about SiDiary