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Smooth insulin injection

How do I achieve a smooth insulin injection? 

Multiple times a day, you have to inject yourself with insulin to manage your diabetes. A needle that suits your needs, the right technique and correct handling make that easier. And as painfree as possible.

There is always a choice. Make yours.

Hit the fatty tissue 

When you administer insulin, you want it to be injected into the fatty tissue. Its dimensions vary depending on age, gender, BMI, and the body site. Skinny people and children are more likely than others to hit the muscle below, especially with longer needles.(3) But the fatty tissue is the best place to reach reliable absorption; and the main factor in avoiding pain and achieving a smooth injection.

Use a quality pen needle

Your goal: Making injections as pain free and as comfortable as possible. Using a high-quality pen needle such as Omnican® fine makes that achievable. Its precise three-facet grinding and the special silicone finish are important for a smooth injection. The ultra- and extra-thin-wall technology allow for a larger inner diameter and thus for a better insulin flow. This ensures you receive the right dose of insulin. The rule of thumb is: The shorter the pen needle, the lesser the pain and the lower the risk of hitting muscles.

Ensure a steady insulin flow

Check the functionality of your pen before injecting yourself: Perform an air shot with the needle attached. 

  1. Dial two units on your pen.
  2. Point your pen up.
  3. Press the button until clear insulin appears.
  4. If necessary, repeat the procedure.
  5. Then dial the required dose.

This way, you clear away any blockage and can be sure to receive the correct doses. Consult also the instructions for use of your injection device.


Tips: smooth insulin injection

✔ Inject into the fatty tissue – every time.

✔ Avoid injecting into the muscle or the insulin will be absorbed irregularly.

✔ Choose a good quality needle, such as Omnican® fine.

✔ Clear away blockage to ensure a steady insulin flow.



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