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What can oral nutritional supplements do for you?

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Supplements can fill up your body's nutrients.


Since your appetite and eating habits may be drastically altered while in treatment, your current energy intake level may not be enough. That’s where oral nutritional supplements come into play. 


The role of oral nutritional supplements

Their adapted nutritional composition may add to your dietary needs and can be used as supplemental food in case of malnutrition. There are milk- or fruit-based oral nutritional supplements and some products may even replace entire meals if eating is difficult. Be sure to consult your dietician for the right amount of supplements in your daily diet – oral nutritional supplements work best if they are part of holistic nutritional counseling.

Myths and facts in clinical nutrition.

Myths about supplements and clinical nutrition

You've heard some rumors about clinical nutrition? Let's clear up some frequent myths. Have a look at our poster.