Take control with Be 1® capsule cap

Compact, hygienic and safe

Are you a colostomate and your stools are solid or pasty?

Then Be 1® could be the new solution that can enable you to regain control on your body. It is a compact, hygienic and safe capsule cap that fits on our Flexima® 3S flat base plates. Nevertheless, for a better handling, we strongly recommend the use of our specific Flexima® 3S Be 1® base plates

Mechanical guided coupling system

Clean the base plate and fix the Be 1® capsule cap on the corresponding base plate by using the guiding system. For more information how to apply the base plate refere to Flexima® 3S base plate.

Degassing when and wherever you want

Decide by yourself when and where to evacuate gases by using the degassing button.

Feel your continence

Decide where and when you want to evacuate your stools.