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If you have a colostomy you will need to use a stoma bag. However, if you're a left colostomate you can also use our innovative Be 1® stoma cover or an irrigation system as an alternative to standard bags.

Finding what will suit you the most will depend on the type of colostomy you have and with what you feel the most comfortable. After your surgery, you will discover (an E.T nurse or a specialized nurse will show you) that there are different types of appliances to choose from, so you will be sure to find the right one for you.

After surgery you will be given a transparent bag or with an inspection window in order to help you to learn how to position your bag correctly. In time, you will be able to use and change your bag on your own, allowing you to be completely independent. With a colostomy you will, in most cases, use a closed bag but you can also use a drainable bag if it suits you better. 

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