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The right solution designed for your colostomy

As a colostomate you will, in most cases, use a closed pouch but if it suits you better, you can also use a drainable pouch.

If you are a left colostomate looking for an alternative to standard pouches, irrigation by gravity or by pump or our new Be 1® capsule cap could be a great solution for you. 

One-piece systems:


The Flexima® range is simple to use as no any special training is required. It is a large range composed of ergonomic pouches available in 3 different sizes for the flat version. Additionally, pouches with convex skin protectors, both in pre-cut and cut-to-fit versions are available in this range.

Flexima® Active

The Flexima® Active range is for patients looking for more comfort, as its highly flexible skin protector provides a second skin* feeling.

Proxima® / Proxima®+

Proxima® pouches provide an optimal comfort and discretion on a daily basis. You can choose between the soft non-woven pouches or the washable.

Two-piece systems:

Flexima® 3S

Flexima® 3S is a 2-piece mechanical coupling system with a patented guiding system for an easy positioning of the pouch right from the begining. 3S stands for: 

  • Simple: It guides into position for you!
  • Secure: It gives you confidence!
  • Soft: It becomes a part of you!

The colostomy pouches can be used either with a flat or a convex Flexima® 3S base plate. 

Be 1®

Be 1® is a new solution for colostomates. The main characteristic of this innovative capsule cap is that it intends to enable you to control your continence, meaning your gases and stools evacuations similar as you would do with a sphincter.

It is a compact, hygienic and safe capsule cap that fits on our Flexima® 3S flat base plates. Nevertheless, for a better handling, we strongly recommend the use of our specific Flexima® 3S Be 1® base plates. 

Be 1® can be worn continuously or intermittently, depending on your activities of the day.


Flexima® Key

Flexima® Key is a two-piece adhesive coupling system which provides a precise and simple positioning of the closed pouch onto the base plate thanks to its patented guiding system.

The base plates are available in flat and convex version.


Proxima® 2 / Proxima® 2+

This 2-piece range ensures a coupling with minimum pressure on the abdomen. An audible click will assure you that the pouch is securely positioned. You can choose between a full hydrocolloid base plate or a combined hydrocolloid & acrylic tape border for extended weartime.