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Experiencing freedom for 48 hours

If you are a left colostomate stoma irrigation could be a great solution for you as it gives you freedom up to 48 hours.

A free time which you can use as you wish - actively and without restrictions. B. Braun offers two options:

  •  By electric pump
  • By gravity

Note: Before sarting with irrigation, a physician/nurse consultancy is compulsory. It is recommended that the first irrigation  should be carried out under the guidance of a trained physician/nurse.



IryPump® S… The Time Machine. 48 hours of freedom… again and again and again

Do the things you want to do! IryPump® S provides you this time - up to 48 hours - over and over again. Valuable time in which you can do all the specific things that make life what it is, everyday things which perhaps you doubted you still could do.

Simple and secure use, surprisingly compact and portable for going anywhere thanks to the high performance storage battery. A new dimension of stoma irrigation - the IryPump® S is your personal “Time Machine”. Go ahead.



Experience freedom... day after day with Iryflex® Set 

The Iryflex® Set for an easy and safe way of stoma irrigation by gravity includes all necessary items for starting irrigation: reservoir, cone, sleeves, faceplate, belt and mini pouches.

Up to 48 hours of free drainage time during which you can finally do just what you want!