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The right appliances for your urostomy

In the case of an urostomy, you will need to use a drainable pouch with an anti-reflux valve which prevents urine backflow. The pouch can be connected to a drainage bag at night for more comfort.

Secure and easy to handle outlet on all urostomy pouches

During the day

  • Clear position open/closed
  • Fits in perfectly and is strengthened by an audible click and a final locking system
  • Easy to handle; no risk of wet fingers

At night

  • Audible click at connection
  • Easy to connect to a night drainage bag
  • Outlet designed to avoid pouch twist
  • Universal connector, secure and easy to put on and take off

For more information on the different appliances available: Choosing your appliance 


One-piece systems:

Flexima® Uro Silk

Flexima® Uro Silk pouches are available in flat and convex versions both in beige and transparent. 

Proxima® / Proxima+

Proxima® urostomy pouches have a flat cut-to-fit skin protector and are available in transparent.


Proxima® 1-piece urostomy pouches

Two-piece systems:

Flexima® 3S

Flexima® 3S is a 2-piece mechanical coupling system with a unique guiding system for an easy pouch positioning. The 3 "S" stand for: 

  • Simple: It guides into position for you.
  • Secure: It gives you confidence!
  • Soft: It becomes a part of you!

For more information on the different appliances available: Choosing your appliance 

Proxima® 2 / Proxima® 2+

Proxima® 2/ Proxima® 2+ is a  2-piece range which ensures a coupling with minimum pressure on the abdomen. With the audible click system present on the pouch, you will be assure that the pouch is securely positioned. In this range, you have the choice between a full hydrocolloid base plate or a combined hydrocolloid & acrylic tape border for extended weartime. The urostomy pouches are available in transparent.