Ostomy Awareness Day Challenge life with a stoma

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The stories of our protagonists

We want to encourage all ostomates to challenge themselves and let their fears behind. In this campaign we are addressing directly these people. The pictures are showing friends or relatives, talking to their friends or relatives who have a stoma. The ostomates themselves are not seen on the pictures but their stories are displayed herunder. 

Our key message: Having a stoma shouldn’t prevent you from living life to the fullest: You can make it!

Thomas loves camping with his granddaughter. Before colon cancer changed his and his family’s lives, they would spend a lot of time in nature. His granddaughter loves playing in the garden and climbing trees like a little monkey. She wants to go camping with him again and tries to encourage him.

How quickly they grow up… But can Thomas risk staying away from home?

Olivia will have an important meeting at work today. All eyes will be on her presenting the new business strategy. Olivia is worried: after everything she has been through over the last few months, it is even harder to be the center of attention. Hopefully nobody will notice that she has an ileostomy.

Her husband believes in her. Handing her a cup of coffee, he tries to encourage her: You will make it.

Claudia’s friend and nursing colleague is waiting for her. They used to go running once a week before the stoma changed everything. Claudia is afraid: can she still keep up with her friend? Will her pouch get in the way?

Claudia’s friend encourages her: You can make it.

James usually loves performing in front of an audience, playing his instruments, connecting with people through music.

Now he is fighting bladder cancer and has undergone a urostomy. His friend, the singer of the band, knows how important being on stage is for him. She tries to encourage James. 

Birgit was an active person before having a stoma. She loves art of any kind. Her friend has noticed that she is withdrawing. She needs support to do the things she loves. He encourages Birgit to go out with him.