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Exercises for dialysis patients – very simply at your home!

Physical activity is important and increases the life quality. Very short and simple exercises which are carried out on a daily bases or several times per week, already will work wonders and you will feel more vital and balanced.

In this webpage we have prepared exercise clips for light physical activity at home for you. With motion pictures and text instructions you can inform yourself how to strengthen your muscular system in the correct way. Though, it is important to adjust sport and daily activity to your age and disease. Please start small and every once in a while increase your workout until you reach our advanced exercises.

Note: Especially for dialysis patients physical activity has a positive effect: Accompanying illnesses are being alleviated, Sport is efficient against vascular calcification and lowers blood pressure, blood sugar and blood lipid levels. A series of health factors that you can have influence on. 

Please consult with your attending physician before carrying out the exercises!

Be active and feel good! 


Exercise for the calf muscles and thight

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