Renal Care Center Vendôme France

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Renal Care Center Vendôme



Cirad / Unité de Dialyse Médicalisée et d'Autodialyse de Vendôme
98 Rue de la Poterie
41100 Vendôme


Phone: + 33 2 54 90 35 00
Mail: /

Operating Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 07:00 am - 06:40 pm


  • UDM
  • Auto dialysis
  • Peritoneal dialysis

Spoken Languages

  • English
  • France


  • Holiday Dialysis
  • TV
  • WiFi / Internet
  • Newspaper / Magazines


Holiday dialysis

Hôtel Le Vendôme 15 Faubourg Chartrain, 41100 Vendôme - distance to the renal care center 1km

Known for the beauty of its countryside, mild climate and easy living, the Loire with its Châteaux was a region well liked by the kings of France from the 14th to the 16th centuries, and they readily built their châteaux there.