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Renal Care Center Essentuki



149A, Pyatigorskaya Str., Essentuki
The Stavropol Territory, 357625
Russian Federation


Phone: +7 (87934) 2-47-54

Operating Hours

Monday - Saturday 07:00 am - 02:00 pm


  • Hemodialysis
  • Hemodiafiltration
  • Outpatient nephrology care

Spoken Languages

  • Russian
  • English


  • Holiday dialysis
  • TV
  • WiFi / Internet
  • Newspaper / Magazines


Holiday dialysis

If you interested in holiday dialysis in our renal care center, please send us your request to and we will help you to arrange the sessions for you.

Krasotel 4*, 16 Lenina Str., Essentuki, +7 87934 2-11-60,

Plaza hotel 4*

1B, Internationalnaya Str., Essentuki, Tel.: +7 (87934) 6-55-50,

Pontos Plaza 5*, 25A Andzhievskogo Str., Essentuki, Tel.: +7 (87934) 22-3-77,

Essentuki is located in the Stavropol Territory. Since 1992 it has been the administrative center of the specially protected eco-resort in the Caucasian Mineral Waters region. Since 2006 - a health resort of federal significance. In the beginning of the 19th century, doctors became interested in the local mineral waters and several decades later, their  healing effect was recognized and this place has since become very popular.

Tourist attractions in the town and surrounding areas:

  • Therapeutic Spa Park;
  • Mudbath;
  • Largest water drinking gallery (up to 5000 visits, located in "Victoria" sanatorium;
  • City museum of local lore. VP Shpakovsky