Diveen® to reduce female stress urinary incontinence

Frequently Asked Questions

An applicator is provided in the box in order to facilitate the insertion of Diveen®. It can also be inserted without an applicator by pinching the Y base with the thumb and index finger. Always take care to leave the removal string outside the body.

      1. Before using the device

  • Wash your hands.
  • Get into a comfortable position.

       2. Preparation of the device:

  • Gently pinch the ring of the device and insert it into the applicator tube.
  • Insert the push rod back into the applicator tube. Diveen® is now ready for insertion.


       3. Insertion of the device:

  • Insert the applicator tube into the vagina.
  • Using the push rod, push the device into the vagina (just like a tampon applicator).
  • Diveen® can also be inserted without using the applicator.


       4. Removal of the device:

  • Gently pull on the removal cord.


* Please read the product instructions carefully before use. Consult your doctor for advice on managing your incontinence.

No, the inside of the vagina is too small for the device to get lost.  The technology of Diveen® is same as a tampon. The device can’t get lost in the uterus because it is retained in the vagina. The end of the vagina is closed with the cervix. This means that Diveen® cannot pass through the vagina through the cervix into the uterus. 

If ever the string breaks, consult rapidly your doctor.

  • Remove the device at night after one day of use.
  • Do not use the device together with topical drugs, medicinal preparations or another intravaginal devices
  • Clean only with soap and water. Do not use detergents, laundry or dish washer products. 
  • Only to be used by adults from 18 years old.
  • The device should not be used during pregnancy.
  • After childbirth, wait for the complete healing of sutures and the last loss of blood before using the device.
  • The device should not be used during your period.
  • The device should not be used during sexual intercourse.
  • If you are a virgin, seek for medical advice before using the device.

Once the device is in place, if the removal string is not protruding from the vagina, try to withdraw the device by yourself or, if in doubt, talk to your doctor.  

There is no contraindication against reusing the provided applicator. Before the insertion, read carefully the instructions for use. The applicator can be use a maximum of 30 times.

Each Diveen specimen should be used only twice. As for the applicator that helps the insertion of Diveen®, it can be use a maximum of 30 times.

Diveen® is available in two sizes: Small and Medium; ensure that you have selected the appropriate size according to your body shape. 

This is a non-sterile device and therefore it does not require sterilization. In order to keep the product intact, clean it with neutral pH soap and water and ensure that your hands are clean before using the product. For more information read carefully the instructions for use. 

For an optimal use, we advise you to speak to a doctor before use. 

The device is flexible and well tolerated and can therefore be forgotten. However, it is important to know for how long it has been in place. The device should be removed at night. Diveen® must not be worn for longer than 12 hours.