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Challenging daily life

Being at the rehab clinic, everybody wishes moving home again as soon as possible. So did I, even though I was still scared of certain situations. Plenty hours of different therapies prepared me to make this important step and I felt ready to (re)start my private life. But as I learned later on, this was one of the biggest errors in my life!

Home alone, everything seemed to be completely different. The first days were really tough and I am glad that I had not been aware of that before. I had no “back-up”, nobody I could call to help me immediately! A small step suddenly seemed like a huge hurdle. All the supporting aids /facilities at home were installed differently. Hence, a “simple” transfer in the bathroom ended up in a disaster due to a differently positioned grab bar… and my family lives far away. The independence I had fought for was suddenly not worth anything. The first weeks, I still had to stay at my former flat, which was at the first floor, without elevator. 

Twice a week, I got picked up to “freedom”, so that I could go to the therapy. This time-slots needed to be very well prepared.

I'll never forget the situation I found myself in because I had forgotten to bring a birthday card to the post office: I ended up staring through the (too high) window of my flat, hoping that someone would come along the street and accept to come up to my flat to take the letter – not easy at all to convince someone as several people were afraid to end up in a trap! Happy incognito city-life...

These were the days at the beginning, my life isn’t that crazy anymore. But silly things still happen regularly! For example: sitting ready to have a shower in a hotel room and then realizing, that the shower head hangs unreachable at the top of the slide bar. One of my favorite situations: The light in the toilet switches on automatically – and obviously also switches off after a certain time. The time in which the light shines is simply too short, I know it is to save energy. But to sit in the dark, because the motion detector is located in the vestibule... My solution: always having a headlight with me!

Finding solutions: Often there are simple and quick solutions, but they do not always meet the norm...