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The Backup Stock Management App (BSM App) is a digital twin of your physical Backup Stock. By using the App, all instrument withdrawals and instrument restocking are digitally documented. The BSM App sends you alerts, if the defined minimum stock of certain instrument article numbers has been reached, aiming for a constant availability. In addition, you will get access to interesting data analytics, which can be the basis for continuous optimization of your Backup Stock: Which instrument article numbers are most frequently withdrawn from the Backup Stock? What are the main reasons why instruments from the Backup Stock are withdrawn? Do many instruments get lost or is there a specific instrument requiring a lot of repairs?
In short, the BSM App is a tool for digital inventory management, also including an alert system and offering you valuable data insights for continuous Backup Stock optimizations.

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Backup Stock Management

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Do you want to support your core mission: “Right set. Right place. Right time. In right condition.” by professional Backup Stock and Repair Management?

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Success Story Backup Stock Management

Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital Barcelona, Spain

Since May 2020, Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital has been working with the B. Braun Backup Stock Management solution. With more than 500 Aesculap-Quality Instruments available in modular storage systems and supported by an intuitive management App, Backup Stock Management by B. Braun helps CSSD staff to meet their core mission: Right set. Right place. Right time. In the Right condition.

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