Diveen® for women with stress urinary incontinence

Women do not have time for bladder weakness neither should feel shame about

Two elderly women who exercise in the forest

Mothers want to cuddle, play, bounce, laugh, constantly do new things and share plenty of “first times” in their children lives. With children, routines and procedures are different and often it becomes a real challenge to combine family life with her job or career. There is certainly no time for bladder weakness and the constant search for a toilet.
Same for women who simply want to laugh unconstrained or continue doing sports without feeling frustrated or ashamed because of urine leakages. There is no reason why they should not feel free again and be self-confident.
In the world, 10% to 20% of all adult women suffer from Urinary incontinence(1) and it is estimated that stress urinary incontinence affects approximately 3 million women in France, 5.5 million in Germany, one million in Spain and 4 million in the UK(2), because the disorder becomes more prevalent with age, this number is projected to increase in response to ongoing demographic changes. It is often caused by pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, sports and other urological complications.(3) For these women Diveen® represents an interesting, conservative, safe and effective, non-surgical management solution of stress and mixed urinary in women.(4,5)

What is Diveen®?

Diveen and the Diveen applicator

Diveen® is a patented intravaginal medical device indicated for adult women suffering from stress or mixed urinary incontinence(4,5). Diveen® represents a conservative, safe and effective, non-surgical management solution.(4,5)


Clinically proven efficacy

Diveen® has been clinically proven to be effective in the management of stress or mixed urinary incontinence in women(4) and it has been shown to

  • improve urinary symptoms of patient for 78% of users (as measured on a Visual Analogue Scale, VAS(4))
  • reduce number of leakage episodes in women by an average of 68 %(4)

What are the advantages of Diveen®?

Diveen- available in two sizes and two box sizes
  • Majority of patients are satisfied with the device usage.(4,5)
  • The reduction of urine loss achieved by Diveen® has a positive emotional impact on well-being of the patient. Diveen® is comfortable to wear for at least 80% of patients.(4,5)
  • Almost all patients find Diveen® easy to handle, easy to insert, and easy to remove.(4,5)
  • Diveen® is 100% discreet - like a tampon.

How to use Diveen®

How to use Diveen®

  • Diveen® can be re-used once.
  • Diveen® Applicator can be re-used up to 29 times.
  • Diveen® must not be worn for longer than 12 hours.
  • A 12 hour break is mandatory before re-use of Diveen®.

Before using the product, please wash your hands and stand in a comfortable position.

Remove the inner push rod from the applicator tube.

Gently pinch the ring of the device in order to bring its halves together.

Insert it into the applicator tube and push it with your index finger until it reaches the tip of the ring just beneath the rounded tip of the applicator tube.

Place the push rod again into the applicator tube to get the device ready for insertion.


  • Insert the tip of the applicator tube approx. 2 cm into the vagina and then push the device itself with the applicator into the vagina (same method as a tampon applicator).
  • Once inserted the device spontaneously takes the right position.
  • Make sure that the proximal end of the removal cord remains outside.

Remove and wash (with water/soap) and dry the applicator tube and push rod; store it in a clean and dry place for the next use.

  • To remove Diveen® from the vagina, gently pull on the removal cord.
  • Wash (water/soap), dry and keep the device in a clean and dry place for the next use.

How does Diveen® act?

Diveen® has been designed to support the anterior vaginal wall in the area below the bladder neck of women. During an effort such as e.g. coughing, the intraabdominal pressure suddenly rises and generates a peak of pressure which transmits itself via the bladder on the flexible ring of Diveen®. This in turn causes the rigid part of the device to move upwards, thus supporting the urethra and reducing significantly the incidence of urine leakages.(6)


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