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Incontinence can affect anyone - just nobody talks about it

Urinary incontinence, the involuntary loss of urine, is a common health condition that may decrease quality of life.(1) A lot of women suffer from some type of incontinence during their lifetime. Despite this, many women still believe that incontinence is a condition which concerns only the elderly, and therefore are ashamed to discuss the condition openly with their physician. This unfounded shame was exactly the reason why Danuše Hrbková, a 56-year-old brand ambassador for Diveen®, decided to come forward with her own experience. “As long as women are afraid and ashamed to talk about their health problems, nothing will change,” comments Danuše the overall situation.

Danuše Hrbková - the courage to talk about incontinence

Impact on life

Danuše Hrbková herself lived a contented life in Chomutov, where she worked as a civil servant. Her husband was a passionate fisherman. So getting a “place” close by water was a necessity. While the purchase was being negotiated Danuše’s husband fell seriously ill and she had to decide whether to complete the purchase or not alone. “It was my husband’s dream and so I decided to fulfill his wish,” Danuše recalls, and so she purchased what to this day she calls the “wooden tent” – a simple wooden construction at the bank of a dam with literally nothing in it. Just before her husband died, she helped him achieve his dream: With her daughter’s support and the enormous help of friends, the wooden tent was converted into a real cottage for permanent dwelling. “It is a place full of memories, and my current home,” adds Danuše.

First symptoms of incontinence

Danuše began noticing difficulties with incontinence while at work. During the course of a year, she had two urinary tract infections and problems appeared insidiously. It began with needing the bathroom more often during work. She attributed this to drinking coffee and was not concerned. Only needing the bathroom suddenly became running to the bathroom at the last minute. “By then, I had visited my gynaecologist and received medication. The problems with incontinence then improved,” says Danuše.

Impact on life number two

But then she got sick. After a serious infectious disease, asthma appeared and that wasn’t all. She began suffering from swelling in both legs. The bigger they got, the more frequently she took diuretics. And the carousel started spinning. On the one hand she was taking medication for incontinence, on the other hand she was taking diuretic medication. The swelling turned into severe lymphatic oedema of the lower limbs, and Danuše was forced to leave the civil service job that had fulfilled her. Every day she had met people living in almost every country in the world. She shared their worries and joys. The most difficult thing was to come to terms with the fact that she could no longer work. To this day, she is still in contact with some of the people she had met and receives greetings from the other side of the world.  

Withdrawing from social life

The fact that Danuše has ended up on a full disability benefit also had its positive aspects – for example, she has time for trips organized by her municipality. “I’m a passionate collector and I enjoy visiting flea markets to find things,” comments Danuše. But here another problem appeared – how to handle her incontinence in these situations. The idea that she would have to find a toilet before she even arrived somewhere stopped her from going. The feeling when you know that you’re only a few minutes away from the urge to urinate is terrible. Danuše therefore withdrew from all activities outside her home. She closed up and did not talk about her problems with incontinence with anyone. It’s a problem that everyone is ashamed to talk about. It has always been said that this is an older women’s problem, but this is not true. Incontinence can affect anyone; just nobody talks about it.

Discovering a miracle called Diveen®

One day Danuše happened to see an advertisement on the internet for Diveen® . She requested a sample and was surprised of what she received. “It seemed interesting to me and most importantly it’s not an aid such as urine-retention panties or pads,” says Danuše. However, she didn’t really believe it would work. “But in the end I was able to poke around my beloved flea markets and nothing forced me to desperately look out for the nearest toilet. It was wonderful,” confides Danuše and adds: “On the contrary, afterwards, I travelled home in peace. The usual immediate and instant need to go was gone. What is normal for most people was a miracle for me after years.”

„It seemed interesting to me and most importantly it’s not an aid such as urine-retention panties or pads.“

– Danuše Hrbková

Openly and without secrecy

Danuše was so excited, she started talking to her friends about using this aid. “I discovered that more women have a problem with incontinence than I thought. They’re just ashamed to talk about it,” adds Danuše. At the same time, however, she admits that her mother, who is rather “old school,” encouraged her not to talk about it with anyone and that everyone would laugh at her. Of course, there are those who make a mockery of it, and precisely because it’s one of the things women are ashamed of, even if there’s no reason to be, she decided to pass on her experience. She does not claim that the aid solves all problems, but it does help. “I was used to living an active life, and if I have the opportunity to improve my quality of life, why not use it and pass on my experience to others,” Danuše says. And if women remain afraid and ashamed to talk about their health problems, nothing will ever change. In the end, Danuše can’t follow the advice her mother gave: “Even if there’s someone who makes fun of me, I’m not afraid to say it works.”

„I was used to living an active life, and if I have the opportunity to improve my quality of life, why not use it and pass on my experience to others.“

– Danuše Hrbková

A return of the appetite for life  

Collecting is Danuše’s passion, which is directly connected to her cottage. She didn’t just by a cottage back then; she bought herself a small zoo as well: The cottage contained worms and hornets that everyone was afraid of. In memory of getting rid of an enormous hornet’s nest, she commissioned a wooden hornet decoration for the cottage.
And that’s how it started. Someone gave her a figure of a bee, and suddenly there were more. Today Danuše collects anything that looks like a bee or has bees on it, and to make the collection sensible she decided to collect everyday items with bees on them. She holds the Czech record and would like to try for a world record.

Valerie Auzas - how Diveen® has changed her life

Diveen® has a clinically proven capacity to improve urinary symptoms of patients suffering from stress or mixed urinary incontinence, as measured on a Visual Analogue Scale (VAS): 78/100(2) F.I. Valerie Auzas, a 52-year-old French women, says: 

„Thanks to Diveen®, I can manage to do sports again, which is incredibly important for me. “

– Valerie Auzas

 She recommends: 

„Don't hesitate, try Diveen®, the change is radical. Using it means adopting it.“

– Valerie Auzas


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